LG Unveils 37-Inch LCD Display with 1.5mm World’s Thinnest Bezel

LG 37 inch thin bezel LCD panel

LG has recently announced its latest 37” LCD display which is claimed to have the world’s thinnest bezel. The bezel at the sides measure only 1.5mm and an extra 1mm for top and bottom bezels considering the fact that these new LCD panels would most probably be used is making larger viewable LCD screens for the commercial market.

LG 37 inch thin bezel LCD panel
Above you can see the 37” LCD panel in an array of 9 panels (3×3) making a screen size of 111”. LG is one of the top manufacturers of making LCD panels and other displays and it is predicted that we would be seeing plenty of such LCD panels on streets, stations and sports grounds. At the moment LG has not revealed the cost of the new 37” LCD panel but we have a feeling that they would only be sold to select manufactures who would combine these with their own hardware.

On 10th Nov 2010, LG’s 111-inch display made from 9 x 37” LCD panels is going to be displayed at an exhibition in Chiba City, Japan.

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