LG Brings World’s Smallest On The Go Printer



LG recently introduced an on the go portable printer which looks pretty similar to a portable hard drive. The device is called LG Pocket Photo and is claimed to be the world’s smallest ever portable printer. Initially it is introduced only for the Korean market and will hopefully launch in rest parts of the globe.

The LG Pocket Photo measures 2.8×4.7×0.9-inches and comes with various useful supports related to connectivity like; NFC, Bluetooth, etc. These support are based on Android apps which not only help in transferring photos from your device to Pocket Photo but also allow users to edit the photos, applying filters, messages and even QR codes.. As far as its working is concerned, it is based on ZINK technology i.e. Zero Ink, which utilizes special photo paper instead of conventional ink cartridges, on this special paper colors are already applied and are simply heated up and formed when you print an image.

LG will make debut for the Pocket Photo in Korea at price of 189,000 won which is around $169 while the packs of 10 sheets of printing paper will cost $13.

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