Lenovo Cast is Another Chromecast Alternate for $49

lenovo cast

lenovo cast

Lenovo has just announced of what can be called another Google Chromecast alternate, the Lenovo Cast. The new media streaming device by Lenovo is not only slightly different in appearance than its competitors but also has added functionality.

The Lenovo Cast does come with a HDMI cable to hook up with your big TV screen. It has a dual-band WiFi functionality which makes it operate at both 5GHz and 2.4GHz WiFi signal frequency and this feature is lacking in similar devices from the competitors.

The Lenovo Cast is capable of streaming content from your phone to TV from up to 65 feet away and even through walls. It does give you slight edge as other similar devices will perform poorly at above 20 feet distance.

According to the sources, the Lenovo Cast is set to start shipping in August this year at a price of $49.

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