Latest Sony Xperia Play Video Shown Off Running PS1 Games

xperia play

Since the Sony Xperia Play hasn’t still come on the scene but its pictures and shoots are leaked day by day which make the Sony consumers anxious to catch the coming Playstation Phone; Xperia Player. In the recent leaked video it is shown off the running PS1 Games Resident Evil 2 and Rage Racer which is played via emulator.

xperia play

After watching this video it can be said that the Xperia Play comes with a built-in emulator and the photos revealed that it comes with the following design features:

  • Slide out touchscreen
  • Two touch-sensitive analogue pads

Behind the slide out touchscreen there is a PlayStation-style d-pad with buttons to enjoy playing games. Sony still has not made any announcement regarding the release or launch of this Playstation Phone Xperia Play but at the CES Sony Team assured the existence of this device which will be launched soon for its consumers. Sony Ericson has now revealed the release date of Sony Xperia Play Phone at Facebook Fan Page.

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