Kube2 MP3 Player Think Beyond iPod Shuffle

Kube2 Smallest MP3 Player

Kube2 Smallest MP3 Player

At present we think that iPod Shuffle is the smallest MP3 player but Kube2 MP3 player announced by Bluetree Electronics a Singaporean company claimed that it would be the world’s smallest MP3 Player display in coming CES 2012.

Its not the first MP3 player introduced by the Buetree its actually the successor of Kube Player. The Kube2 comes with the two main features that are absent in the Kube player; Aluminum body instead of plastic and Touch Sensor. The sensor allows easy song navigation by swiping the finger diagonally and if you hold the player from top or bottom you can adjust the volume.

This is not enough the Kube2 also comes with various body stickers which allow you to customize the body design as you want. As far as its battery is concerned it gives you six hours non-stop playback on full USB charge. Its memory can be extended up to 32 GB via microSD card and is available in Singapore at price of $35 with 4GB memory card.

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