Kno Tablets For Students On Pre-Order Starts at $599

Kno Tablets

Kno tablets have finally arrived as the price of the Kno Single Display and Dual-Display textbook tablet has been revealed. According to the Co-Founder of Kno, an average student spends an average of $1100 a year on textbooks and supplies and with the Kno tablets in their hands, they would only be paying a fraction of that amount plus they will carry all their books in digital format which means less weight on their shoulders and a lot easier to manage.

Kno Tablets

Kno tablets are available in two versions, each having 14.1 inch screen size which is plenty of space to accommodate text and figures from textbooks. Besides reading textbooks, students will also be able to select and copy text from books, write notes, highlight text etc. The Kno tablets also serve as your notebook (see video below) and you can take down notes during lectures with the help of a stylus pen. Other functions include the ability to search the web for research purpose with the help of built-in web -browser which is a plus.

The Kno tablets have price of $599 and $899 for the single screen and dual screen tablets respectively. Prices of digital textbooks are 30% to 50% less than physical books so it is not just the cost of this tablet that the students would be interested in. These tablets can be ordered from Kno book store as they are currently on Pre-Order and will be shipped by the end of year 2010.

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