Kingston Released High-Speed HyperX Predator PCIe SSD

Kingston HyperX PCIe SSD

Kingston HyperX PCIe SSD

After Samsung, Kingston shows its interest in capturing the SSD market and thus delivering its new line of SSDs to the market. Its new HyperX Predator PCIe SSD is the latest high-speed storage, which is now available in the market. As far as the speed is concerned, the read speed can go up to 1.4GB/s and write speed is around 1GB/s. Although the speed is not comparable with the Samsung latest SSD model but it is easy to attach with your system that is where it has some edge over Samsung. You can attach the Kingston HyperX PCIe SSD in your laptop or PC by inserting it into the M.2 SSD slot, however if you can’t have that slot, then Kingston has built PCIe Slot Adapter that costs an extra 10 bucks.

Like other SSDs available in the market, the price of this high-speed SSD from Kingston is also quite high and is available at $460 for the 480GB model and $230 for the 240GB. According to the manufacturer, the price will likely to fall down soon due to the rising competition among the SSD manufacturers. So we may hope that faster storage will be in the reach of every user and soon we will all get rid of the typical slow HDD.

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