Kindle Equivalent Toshiba Biblio Leaf SP02 OR Even Better E-book Reader

Biblio Leaf SP02 E-book reader

Toshiba has just announced via KDDI, its new E-book reader, the Toshiba Biblio Leaf SP02 which is somewhat comparable to the famous Kindle by Amazon. An interesting addition to the Biblio Leaf is a solar panel at the bottom-front side which is allows e-book readers to turn up to 75,000 pages consecutively at fully charged battery.

Biblio Leaf SP02 E-book reader

The Biblio Leaf E-book reader is very thin at about 9.6mm and is 198mm in height and 130mm in width. It only weighs 296 g. Currently it is only available in white color with a 6.0 inch screen size and electronic paper (E-Ink) display with up to 16 different shades. Its dot screen resolution is 800 x 600 and the device has an internal memory of 2GB which can be increased by adding a microSD memory card. Due to the electronic paper technology, the Biblio Leaf E-book reader is suitable to reading for hours without putting any kinds of stress on eyes and as already mentioned, it has a remarkable battery life.

The Toshiba Biblio Leaf SP02 has support for both Wi-Fi and 3G. We have not information whether this will be available outside Japan or not. Stay tuned for more info. KDDI says that the new E-book reader will be available at the end of year 2010 in Japan.

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