Kilburn Bluetooth Speaker Looks Like Grandma’s Bag From The 60s


The picture above is not taken from the 60’s era but is of a latest product by Marshall. It is a portable Bluetooth speaker by the name Kilburn.

Kilburn is carefully crafted to match with your existing guitar thanks to its strap handle and gold-assented controls at the top.

The Kilburn portable speaker has three amps two of 5Watts while one of 15Watts. Inside the shell lies a 4-inch woofer and a pair of 0.75 inch tweeters.

Now here comes the best part. These Marshall Kilburn Bluetooth speakers will run non-stop for up to 20 hours before requiring to be charged again which for a portable Bluetooth speaker is a big plus.

Having a price tag of $299, the Kilburn portable speakers will start shipping next month.

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