JUMP : First Phone Charging Cable With Built-in Battery

JUMP charging cable

JUMP charging cable

The JUMP charging cable is a recent Kickstarter project that has received over USD $145,000 in funding as I write. It is a very simple idea put together in an even simpler way. The JUMP is a phone charging cable that has its own battery which gets charged with your phone.

There are other means for carrying backup battery banks but the JUMP charging cable with its sleek design and convenience has gained a lot of attention in a very short span. The JUMP has built-in 800mAh battery which silently gets charged and in times will be able to charge your smartphone battery up to 30% which is more than enough if there are not other means of charging available.

The JUMP charging cable can be plugged in to any USB port or a USB wall adaptor plus that USB circuitry of the JUMP cable also allows the cable to be used for high speed file transfers from your phone to computer or vice versa.

Currently the JUMP charging cable is accepting funds at Kickstarter and each pledge of $40 will get you one of these intelligent phone charging cables.

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