iRiver P8 – Portable Media Player

iRiver P8 portable media player

iRiver P8 portable media player

There aren’t many portable media players being made these days as compared to couple of year back because in the current era of smartphones and tablets, who needs to carry additional gadgets when they can listen to music on their phones as well. In Contrast to this, iRiver P8 has been unveiled in Russia and for those who have no idea what this is, the iRiver P8 is a portable media player (PMP) with a 5-inch screen that can playback videos in 800 x 480 resolution. The iRiver R8 is available in 8GB and 16GB versions with of course a microSD card slot to further increase its storage. It can playback videos up to 9 hours and music up to 40 hours which is quite handy. The iRiver P8 supports plenty of media formats and it even has a mono speaker along with stereo headphone jack. It only weighs 227 g. There has been no information on price and exact release date of the iRiver P8 portable media player.

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  1. It runs Linux and while for some this is a good thing – Microsoft still hasnt managed to stop those blue screens completely – for those folk who are used to Microsofts Windows operating system it may seem less friendly…Enter the PMC-120 iRivers Windows Portable Media Center-based media player. While the PMCs control array is not as stylish as the PMPs it is easier to understand what the keys actually do and the addition of a Windows key means that at any point you can get back to the main menu…The operating system runs in an identical way to a Media Center PC. The main plus point is that you can plug straight into a Media Center and not have to worry about downloading additional software…Unlike the Linux-powered version you cant get the PMP in a 40GB model only 20GB.

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