iPod Color Changing Docking Station with Subwoofer

If you think you have seen enough of iPod docking stations that only charge your iPods then there is more to come with this iPod color changing docking station that does a lot more than just charging.

iPod Color changing docking station with speakers and subwoofer

This iPod docking station has two built-in speakers with subwoofer that allows you to hear your favorite music without the use of earphone. On its top is a set of LED lights that light up in a way that produces lava effects and some folks also call it the “iPod iLava“. The lava lamp light is synchronized with the music from your iPod and gives a very elegant and cool appearance to this docking station. Other than the light and speaker feature, this iPod docking station will also charge your gadget while connected and will also allow you to download more files to it.

It is only 16 inches tall and weighs close to 6 pounds. Its body is made of black nickel. It is not only compatible with iPods but you can also connect most of the mp3 players to it.

You can get this cool iPod Color changing docking station for under £70.

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