iPad Accessories – Who Wants Them ?

Apple ipad

With the recent release of Apple iPad, its accessories are already available for online order way ahead of the actual product itself. Similar to the previous version of Apple gizmo the iPod touch, you will find all sorts of handy and nifty accessories for your iPad. To save some of your precious time, we have listed some of the most in-demand iPad accessories.

Apple ipad

iPad Screen Overlays For Screen Protection

The first on the list is iPad screen protection accessory called iPad screen overlay. For a touch screen display as large as 9.7 inches (diagonal) it is very had to avoid scratches. For this various iPad screen protection accessories are made available that will stick to the display and will not affect the performance of touch screen, while still providing your iPad screen protection all the time.

iPad Sleeve

Another iPad storage and carrying accessory is an iPad sleeve that is compact enough to tightly store your iPad plus the interior is mostly padded to prevent the device from getting damaged. The iPad sleeve may be with or without a zip with additional or no pockets for holding other accessories such as iPad hands free, USB charger etc.

iPad case

Slightly larger than an iPad sleeve, iPad cases are just like the ones similar to notebook or netbook cases. An iPad case is slightly larger than iPad sleeve with plenty of room for holding lots of other handy iPad accessories. An iPad case is usually made of rubber, leather etc and is also padded for securely holding the gadget.

iPad Weatherproof Case

This iPad accessory can turn out to be your iPad life saver specially if you plan to use your iPad at the beach, swimming pool, at lunch, kitchen etc. This iPad water proof case completely seals your iPad while still allowing you operate the touch screen without any difficulty. Other features of this accessory include adjustable neck / shoulder strap, protection against water, dust, dirt and of course snow.

iPad Car Charger And Similar Accessories

Whether you want to synchronize your iPad with other devices or you just want to charge it on the move, the iPad car and aircraft charger is the way to go especially if you are one of those who travel a lot. Mains power iPad charger, USB charge and sync cable, car charger and aircraft chargers fall in this category.

iPad Skins

Believe it or not, just like cell phones, there are all sorts of skins available for iPad. You can get many crazy looking as well as many fancy iPad skins that will change the mood you are in. Don’t change your iPad, change the skin.

iPad Accessories Bundle

This is iPad accessories bundle containing more than one accessory such as iPad case, skin, charger, handsfree etc. In this kind of accessories bundle, price per item is lower than usual. If you are looking to get several iPad accessories for less then this might be the right option for you.


iPad Handsfree

iPad has built-in speaker and microphone support plus you can also connect a hands free. iPad hands free works best for the Wi-Fi + 3G version of iPad. These iPad handsfree come in both retractable and non-retractable versions

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