iPad 3-in-1 Camera Kit Accessory – Pre-Order at $29.90

iPad camera kit accessory

For those looking for a multipurpose camera accessory for their iPad, they would be delighted to see this new camera connection kit accessory made for iPad by none other than M.I.C which of course is made in china and that is exactly what M.I.C stands for. But somehow it is slightly better than the iPad camera Kit from Apple itself. Want to know why ? Continue reading below to find out.

iPad camera kit accessory


The Apple camera connection kit for iPad has a USB interface along with a slot that accepts regular SD cards. On the other hand, the M.I.C 3-in-1 Camera Kit accessory has a slot for both SD and microSD memory cards which is handy for those who do not have microSD to SD adopters. The iPad camera kit is available in both white and black color and the best part about it is that is costs slightly less than the Apple iPad camera kit after you have paid the taxes. The price is $29.90 (tax included) and it is available on pre-order from M.I.C store.

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