Ion LP to CD USB Turntable Will Transfer Vinyl to CD

If you happen to collect those LP vinyl records from the past then chances are that some of those recordings are being worn out due to aging and continuous playing. You need not to worry because now you can easily transfer your vinyl to CD via this Ion LP2CD USB Turntable. This LP to CD converter will always come to the rescue and burn all the LP on to the CD via its built-in CD burner.

LP to CD Ion USB Turntable

This is another great product from Ion. It is a very handy USB turntable that will let you save all your LP records on CDs without the use of a computer. Yes, you need not to connect this turntable to a PC in order to convert vinyl to CD because this device has a built in 700 MB internal memory which will save your LP temporarily and then burn it via its built-in CD burner.

This LP to CD converter is very simple to use and has a very user friendly interface. Just place the vinyl on to the turntable, insert a blank CD, press record and relax while your precious music records are being transferred to the CD. You can then play the CD in your PC, CD player or any other media playing device that is not so bulky as a turntable.

You can also connect this LP to CD USB turntable to a computer via USB port and directly transfer the LP records to the computer via its provided software and converter. This Ion LP to CD USB turntable also comes with an editing software which lets you remove unwanted noise from your recordings. The USB turntable lets you play and record LP records of 33.3, 45 and 78 RPM.

Another great advantage of this LP to CD converter is that you can also connect external audio players (such as tape cassette, deck, reel-to-reel player etc) to the line in jack and transfer the audio and burn it directly to the CD. So it is pretty much a multi purpose USB turntable that does a lot more than just a LP to CD converter.

Over all this is a great product by Ion and because of so many handy features we rate it 8/10.

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