Ion Film2SD 35mm Slide Scanner

Another great product by Ion, 35mm slide scanner which will let you convert all your precious 35mm negative to digital images without the use of any editing software or even a computer.

Ion Film2SD 35mm Film Scanner

Ion 35mm film scanner is a smart negative scanner which has a built-in display of 2.5 inches. You just place your 35mm slide in it and it will display the results on its LCD display. The film negative scanner also has a SD card slot which lets you save images on external cards so you can later view them in your PC, cell phone, TV etc.

The Ion 35mm slide scanner is a powerful 5 mega pixel negative scanner which will save all your old memories and you can transfer those photos on to a SD card which later you can display in a [digital photo frame] or any other viewing device. This is a stand alone device and does not require the use of a computer. Although it also has an optional USB slot which lets you connect this film scanner to a computer so that you can transfer images from SD card to your computer and share with your friends and family.

The Ion 35mm slide scanner offers fast scanning up to 2 seconds per image. The negative scanner has a built-in auto-exposure and color-balance feature which lets you adjust your photo to its optimum viewing state before you save it. Another cool option is the flip, mirror and rotate feature which is found on most of the photo editing and viewing softwares. So if you put your slide up side down or from the back side then correcting that would be a snap with this Ion 35mm film scanner.

The ion 35mm slide scanner will convert black & white as well as colored images. It supports all SD cards, micro SD, SDHC cards up to 8GB. When you purchase this Ion film 2 SD scanner you will receive the negative scanner module, negative and slide holder, USB cable, power adopter, cleaning brush and a 1GB FREE SD card to get you started in your film scanning mode.

Above all this 35mm film scanner is a great tool for those who wish to transfer all their past 35mm memories on to digital images. We rate this 7/10 because we think that it offers a great value for a very moderate price.

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