InfiniteUSB Allows Unlimited USB Connection For Your System

InfiniteUSB Cable

InfiniteUSB Cable

As the computers turning into smaller and compact, the shortage of USB ports in the systems makes it difficult to connect various USB devices simultaneously. Sometimes USB hubs are also not sufficient to connect all of your devices including phone, iphone, tablet, mouse, keyboard, etc to connect at once with the computer or laptop, therefore you need to wait. As the technology is advancing, now it is possible to connect as many USB devices as you want through the InfiniteUSB.

InfiniteUSB is a kickstarter project, which comes with the final finished prototype. This device is an InfiniteUSB cable, which forms a daisy chain for connecting multiple USB devices to the system. For instance, when you connect iPhone through InfiniteUSB cable to your computer, you can connect another InfiniteUSB cable for connecting mouse to the system by simply plugging the cable to the first InfiniteUSB cable. This forms a chain connection; in this connection first USB cable provide enough power to its own and the other cable. After watching the video below, you may be able to understand the functionality more clearly:


Another important feature of the InfiniteUSb is its magnetic storage, which not only make the cable safe from twisting but also provide easy storage. The creators are working on the project from two years and now seeking funding so that it can be brought into the market for common user.

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