How Compact Whiteboards Could be In Future?



Whiteboards – the most common and necessary tool used mainly in educational institutions and rarely in business companies; in this modern era of miniaturization researchers trying to replace these boards with a much compact portable device and amazingly they got the one! The future of whiteboards is named as Penvue – which somehow not much unusual as such kind of devices are previously used in satellites, cruise missiles and smart bomb navigation.

Electronics Company Interphase has designed this Penvue just like a sleek pen or teardrop like shape which can convert any flat surface into an interactive display. The device is used to write anything digitally anywhere at any distance with various writing tools including different colors, edit, erase, and highlight. Now lets have a hardware design of this Interphase Penvue which comes with :

  • High-speed camera
  • 12 accelometers
  • 3 gyroscopes
  • 3 magneto-meters
  • VGA connectivity

You can use this device to write anything in any  direction as its camera keeps focus on specific pixels. It is also claimed by the vendors that the Penvue will quickly take over the current whiteboards as it will be available at cheaper price than the current whiteboards cost. The price of the Penvue is decided as around $500 for education market and $700 for business.

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