HD To 4K Resolution Upscaling with SEIKI’s U-Vision HDMI Cable

u-vision HDMI

u-vision HDMI

For upscaling video resolution from HD to 4K, SEIKI has released its U-Vision HDMI cable. The 4K HDMI cable is capable of converting HD 1080p video to 4K Ultra HD resolution. Not only this, the cable can also be used to transform 720p content to 1080p with hardly any noticeable impact on picture quality.

The SEIKI U-Vision HDMI cable will come in handy to transform 1080p content from your TV set top box for your 4K TV. While upscaling video, the HDMI cable uses adaptive sharpening thus keeping the image quality superior and noise free.

For those interested, the SEIKI U-Vision HDMI cable can be purchased at Amazon at retail price of $50 only.

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