Hanvon To Unveil Color E-Book Reader Featuring E-Ink Technology

hanvon color e-book reader

The news has recently floated to the surface that the largest Chinese E-book reader manufacturer, Hanvon, is about to unveil its first color E-book reader at the FPD International 2010 Trade show that is in progress in Tokyo. The Hanvon color E-book reader will be having a display size of 9.68 inch which is nearly the same size as the Amazon Kindle but with a major improvement since it uses color E-Ink technology.

hanvon color e-book reader

The Hanvon Color E-Reader will be released in China for a handsome price of $440. People used to be happy with the previous E-ink technology which only showed shades of grey color but as new technologies continue to emerge and scatter, we have a feeling that these color E-readers will become quite popular. Barnes & Noble had also recently announced its NOOK Color, which is also a color E-reader device but has a rather smaller display size and limited features.

Hanvon stated that the new Color E-Book reader will be released in March 2010 in China and there is also a possibility that it might also be released in US.

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