Google TV Makes Home Automation Easy

Enblink Dongle

Enblink Dongle

Enblink is a USB dongle that would enhance your living experience by controlling the home appliances using your voice. Until now you can turn on your appliances via electronic control but now you can do it by your voice. What you need is Google Tv and the Enblink Dongle and then create an easy lighting, security, or climate control solution to work with your entertainment experience or your daily routines.

Now lets see how it works? First you need to connect your Enblink Dongle to your Google TV via USB port, then you must have Z-wave enabled appliance. After that you will have to download app on your android phone to create scenes and add voice commands that will apply on the appliances. Last but not least add the widget to the main screen and then it will work according to your defined commands. However, still you have find difficulty in understanding all these steps watch the video below and learn how to do?

Enblink is a $85 device which is easily available at the Amazon (see details). It works with hundreds of products from well-known manufacturers and takes only minutes to set up.

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