Gigabyte Announced First USB 3.0 Speakers : GP-S3000

Gigabyte USB 3.0 Speakers

Gigabyte USB 3.0 Speakers

Gigabyte has just announced the first USB speakers that are compatible with USB 3.0 interface. Currently there is very little information available about the new Gigabyte GP-S3000 USB 3.0 speakers but one thing is for which is that due to the higher mA of current that the USB 3.0 ports can provide, the new Gigabyte speakers will offer better and louder sound quality than currently available USB 2.0 powered speakers. The speakers have touch controls for volume, mute etc.

Currently there is only the above picture and slight piece of information available about the Gigabyte GP-S3000 speakers which shows that these USB 3.0 speakers will have a decent footprint and will be available in white and black colors. When price and release date is made official, we will update this post so till then stay tuned. The Gigabyte GP-S3000 speakers have started shipping for $49.99 only, see details.


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