Genius Bluetooth Keyboards For iPads And Tablets

Bluetooth Keyboards For iPads and Tablets

Genius brings one of the most desirable accessories the “Keyboard” for the mobile devices like iPads, iPhones, Tablets, etc. The good thing is that these keyboard are wireless and connect via Bluetooth to the respective devices. Genius introduced three keyboards each for Apple and Android systems; the LuxePad and LuxePad 9000 is purely built for iOS4 Apple system while LuxePad A9000 is designed for Android tablets.

Bluetooth Keyboards For iPads and Tablets

If you look from outside you will LuxePad 9000 and LuxePad A9000 with almost similar designs, except few different keys which are dedicated to their respective operating systems. Both of these Genius Bluetooth keyboards are powered by AAA batteries.

On the other hand LuxePad iPad keyboard is bit elaborated device featuring full size QWERTY keyboard and additional leather padding is provided with the keyboard to make it convenient for users. As far as its power source is concerned, it has built-in rechargeable battery which is charged via USB connection.

All of these Genius keyboards are Ultra-thin Wireless devices having On/Off switch to save power while you are not working with keyboard. The LuxePad 9000 and LuxePad A9000 are priced at $59.99 each while LuxePad which is available at Amazon with FREE Super Saver Shipping at price of $69.99.

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