First Ever Elastic Cable For Power And Data Transfer

Roboden Elastic Data And Power Cable

Now let’s have a look at the advancement made or in progress in the electronics accessories section. We just got an amazing demo regarding an elastic USB data cable that not only serves for data but also transfers power. A Japanese corporation Asahi Kasei unveiled the Roboden elastic cable and it would be an excellent addition to the robotics for creating humanoid robots.

Roboden Elastic Data And Power Cable

The demo of Roboden Cable was given by its manufacturer at a show in Japan which showed that the cable can stretch according to the human skin and its form factor is 1.5 i.e. it is able to stretch up to 1.5 times its length. As far as the material of cable is concerned it is made with Spandex. Hence why, we can expect that it can be able to produce human like robots.

Its not just for the industrial purpose the Roboden Cable can also be used by an individual in place of normal USB cables for data/power transfers. Let’s have a look at the demo video which may help to clear its purpose and working.

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