ExoDrive Case Will Expand Your Phone Storage

ExoDrive Cases

ExoDrive Cases

The idea behind ExoDrive cases is very simple i.e. to add microSD card storage for handsets that lack it. Although what you see above is just a clumsy looking prototype but the team behind the ExoDrive case claims that the finished product would be better looking with sleek design.

The ExoDrive is like any other smartphone case which has a trick or two under the sleeve. It can accept microSD, microSDHC and microSDXC card to add more storage room for your media and other stuff. Users will not have to remove the phone from the ExoDrive case in order to charge it as the case already has a micro USB charging port for this very purpose.

Not all the phones are supported but as the team behind it states that more and more phones will be added to the compatibility list with iPhone 6 being one of them. Currently the ExoDrive case is seeking funds via Kickstarter.

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