Energous WattUp Battery Power Pack Will Charge Mobile Devices Wirelessly

Energous WattUp

Energous WattUp

Energous WattUp is a prototype device presented at the recently held CES 2015. The idea of this device is to supply power through wireless channel at a distance of 15-feet. You might think that this kind of devices are easily available; but don’t mix it with them. Using Energous WattUp you don’t need to place phone at a particular dock or stand, you can move within the room by carrying phone either in your pocket or in your hand.

Energous WattUp recognize the mobile device using Low-Energy Bluetooth and transmits energy using mixed signals of RF, Bluetooth and a lot of patent-pending technology. It will be capable of charging multiple devices at a time, which uses continuous power like your phone, speakers, phone accessories, etc. Before connecting it to your mobile device make sure, that it has a small chip added to convert the signals to DC power. Hence, in this way the Energous WattUp will behave like a wireless energy router.

According to the sources, the device is a black box, which consists of a WattUp battery pack along with its necessary electronics, which costs almost that of battery. However, you will have to buy a transmitter which transmits power to the compatible device; don’t bother it will never be so big like the one displayed on the show which were size of multiple laptops stacked together, it will be 6x smaller.

Energous said, it requires few months more to accomplish all the promised features of the WattUp and it will be available until 2016.

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