EIZO Released 17” FlexScan T1751 – Multitouch LCD Monitor

EIZO, one of the leading manufacturers of displays, particularly LCD display monitors, has released [PR] a 17” FlexScan T1751 multitouch LCD monitor which is aimed at the educational, business and medical sector. Not surprisingly, the FlexScan T1751 LCD monitor is not an HD monitor with maximum resolution of 1280×1024 pixels only.

EIZO FlexScan 17 inch Multitouch LCD T1751

The EIZO FlexScan T1751 Multitouch LCD monitor offers complete multitouch capabilities via human fingers, stylus etc. This is not the first multitouch LCD monitor from this manufacturer as EIZO had previously released a 23” widescreen monitor in September this year. The EIZO FlexScan T1751 Multitouuch LCD Monitor has 5:4 aspect ratio along with a contrast ratio of 1500:1 and a viewing angle of 178º horizontal and vertical. The LCD monitors comes with its own unique stand which has the ability to tilt the monitor into 6 different stages. The EIZO FlexScan T1751 Multitouch LCD monitor even has a very handy auto-brightness adjustment sensor on the front bezel named the “EcoView”. What this sensor does is that it automatically adjusts the brightness considering ambient lightning in the room and thus saves power all the time.

EIZO 17” FlexScan T1751 multitouch LCD monitor has two 0.5 watt internal speakers along with a DVI-D and D-Sub support. EIZO FlexScan LCD monitors use optical imaging touch screen with non-scratch surface that is made of reinforced glass with hardness level of 5.5 Mohs to make sure it is durable enough to accept user inputs at schools, hospitals and public areas such as restaurants, subways, bus stops etc.