Dell Streak Tablet Coupled With Logitech diNovo Mini Keyboard

Dell Streak Logitech diNovo Mini

It seems like tough Logitech knew about Dell making a 5 inch tablet that will fit in nicely over the cover of their Bluetooth keyboard the Logitech diNovo Mini. The picture below shows how perfectly the two go on together as if they were made truly for one another.

Dell Streak Logitech diNovo Mini

The Logitech diNovo Mini is a Bluetooth keyboard with plenty of multimedia control features such has separate keys for audio / video playback, volume control, mute etc. The great thing is that most of the keys work with the Dell Streak tablet which is simply amazing as this Dell tablet computer supports Bluetooth connectivity. It makes typing as easy as typing on a netbook as the keys are of sufficient size.

If you have a Dell Streak tablet and you want to try it with the Logitech diNovo Mini keyboard, you can get one as it is easily available at at a special 13% discount price.

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