DECK Bluetooth Speaker Controlled From 300 Feet Away

DECK wireless speaker

DECK wireless speaker

The DECK is a newly released wireless speaker by SOL Republic and Motorola. It is a 360 degree full sound speaker able to project sound in all directions. It has super power wireless range and Heist Mode which enables up to 5 friends to pair with it that are no more than 300 feet away.

Users will not only be able to pair with the DECK wireless speaker but will also be able to control the music being played by them or played by other friends. It has some pretty all round connectivity options with Bluetooth, NFC, stereo in and stereo out.

You can even daisy chain a few DECKs and create your own powerful sound boom with it. The DECK wireless speaker has plenty of other useful options such as speakerphone, outdoor mode etc.

For those interested in 360 degree full sound of DECK, they better know that DECK wireless speaker sells at a retail price of $199.99 only. It sells at Amazon at slightly lower price (see details).


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