Cisco Unleashes Cisco Umi – HD Telepresence System For Consumers

Cisco umi

Cisco has just launched a new system that will allow SMBs to make high definition video calls from their HDTVs. The product in question is the Cisco Umi. Unlike the previously released Cisco Cius tablet, the Cisco Uni will provide high resolution (1080p resolution) video calling without leaving your home.

Cisco umi

The Cisco Uni connects to Wi-Fi signals as well as Ethernet cable in order to connect to the internet. There is also a recording feature that records videos at 720p at 30fps depending upon your bandwidth. The camera has a multi-glass lens with a very handy optical zoom plus the camera has a motorized controlling that offers pan, tilt and zoom capability along with a motorized shutter for complete privacy control. The Cisco Uni connects to any HDTV that has an HDMI port and comes with a very user friendly remote control.

Cisco claims that the Cisco Uni will make consumers feel that they are talking to their loved ones face to face and it will entirely change the way people used to make video calls. The Cisco Uni equipment will cost $599 plus a monthly recurring $24.95 cost for making unlimited calls.

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