CHIPS Is Your All-In-One Headphone by Outdoor Tech

CHIPS universal headphone

CHIPS universal headphone

Meet CHIPS, the All-In-One Universal Bluetooth headphone that is meant to suit the needs of nearly every kind of outdoor activity ranging from jogging, skiing, biking etc.

The team behind CHIPS is Outdoor Tech and yes it its the same team that is responsible for introducing two handy outdoor Bluetooth audio products namely Turtle Shell and the Big Turtle Shell Hi-Fi Bluetooth speakers.

No doubt their previous two creations created quite a buzz and also gathered handsome crowd funds via Kickstarter. The CHIPS headphone is also seeking the same attention and had already gotten ahead of its funding goals.

The beauty of the CHIPS universal headphone is that it has been made an All-In-One Bluetooth headphone that will serve all your outdoor needs no matter how you use use. Outdoor Tech has planned a wireless as well as wired CHIPS headphone and looking it its design it is made to fit under every possible head covering such as head bands, helmets, caps etc.

The wireless version of CHIPS headphone has a battery life of up to 10 hours and offers connectivity via Bluetooth from over 30 feet away.

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