Casio Revealed Six New Hybrid LED-Laser Projector Models At CES

Casio Slim Hybrid LED-Laser Projectors

Casio Slim Hybrid LED-Laser Projectors

Casio introduced a series of its Slim Hybrid LED-Laser projector models; XJ-A141, XJ-A146, XJ-A241, XJ-A246, XJ-A251 and XJ-A256. All of these models have almost same dimensions and weight i.e. 5 pounds of weight and 1.7” height. They only differ with respect to resolutions, brightness and connectivity options while rest of the features remains same.

Among the six Casio projectors, the XJ-A146, XJ-A246 and XJ-A256 are designed at higher level than rest of others, for instance they possess:

  • USB capabilities
  • MobiShow
  • Wireless presentation capability
  • Presentation timer

The innovative features that are common in the six Hybrid LED-Laser projectors are:

  • Intelligent Brightness Control
  • ECO function to minimize power consumption
  • Casio’s “LASER & HYBRID Light Source + DLP technology

The last one is the brand new feature that makes these projectors unique from others, the Casio’s Laser & Hybrid Light Source eliminates the need of traditional mercury lamps instead of that it combines blue laser light and a fluorescent element to generate a high output of green light, which then pass through DLP chip along with other light and thus produces the image. Hence why these Casio projectors are certainly called Green Slim Projectors. Casio Slim projectors will be available at price range of $999-$1499.

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