Casio G-Shock NEC and Bluetooth 4.0 Watch : GB-6900-4JF

Casio NEC Bluetooth 4.0 G-Shock

Casio is about to release its new version of G-Shock wrist watch, the Casio GB-6900-4JF that does even more than just being an outdoorsy wrist watch. The new Casio GB-6900-4JF G-Shock wrist watch supports not just the Bluetooth 4.0 but it also has NEC functionality which will allow it to communicate and receive alerts from other NEC enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets etc. The Casio NEC enabled G-Shock wrist watch can tell the user about text messages, missed calls, incoming calls and can also alert the user if his or her NEC or Bluetooth enabled device is running low on battery. We are still waiting for the official price and release date of the new NEC and Bluetooth 4.0 enabled Casio GB-6900-4JF G-Shock wrist watch so stay tuned in.


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