Canon PIXMA Printers For Printing HD Movie Stills

Cannon has recently announced the launch of its new printer series, the Canon PIXMA printers which would have the capabilities of printing HD movie stills, cool isn’t it. Like many Canon multifunction printers, the Canon PIXMA printers will of course have Wi-Fi support so you just have to deal with the power cord.

Canon PIXMA Printer
The Canon PIXMA printers will print movie stills from a .MOV file that is created only by certain Canon cameras. The Wi-Fi capability in the PIXMA series of these printers will also allow users to print photos and video stills from the iPhones, iPads, iPods etc. These Canon printers will also have USB 2.0 ports.

No release date has been announced as of today but it is expected that all the five new Canon PIXMA printers will make it to the market at the same time. The Wi-Fi models will have prices starting at $80 only.

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