Audio Technica ATHANC7 Headphone – Noise Cancelling Headset Review

Noise Cancelling Headphone

Looking for a nice and calm place where you can rest in peace or listen to your favorite music without listening the surrounding sound, not possible if you are surrounded by a bunch of people. Fortunate for you because Audio Technica built their ATHANC7 headset for the very same purpose i.e. reducing or what most of the people have found it, canceling up to 85% ambient noise.

Noise Cancelling Headphone

Active Noise Cancellation ANC Ability

ANC stands for active noise cancelling and this headset has this feature built in to it that is powered by a single AAA battery. Other similar noise cancelling headphones have this feature but they have an external unit connected that does all the noise reduction by nullifying noise signals. This noise cancelling headset delivers you excellent quality sound experience with a better and deeper bass, higher fidelity and extended treble.

Detachable Cord

These noise cancelling headsets have detachable audio cord that has two major advantages. Firstly, you can use these noise cancelling headphones without the cord if you just want to stop listening to your surrounding environment. This is best for airplanes, offices where you can to concentrate on your work or coffee shops etc. Secondly, a detachable cord is safe as it will not be pulling the headset from your head when the cord is pulled accidentally as many low price headsets fail to operate due to similar sort of mishandling.

Padded For Convenience

These headphones are not only meant for noise cancelling but also offer a very convenient mounting without hurting your head and ears. Other low quality headsets do not consider this aspect as a headset must always be comfortable to wear in all circumstances either on the move or just relaxing and listening to your favorite music.


This Audio Technica noise cancelling headset comes with a AAA battery, a handy travelers pouch with zipper, a detachable audio cord along with 3.5mm mini plugs and an airline adapter for connecting with in-flight entertainment system.

Audio Techinca ATHANC7 Noise cancelling Headset accessories


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