Atomic Clock Weather Station by La Crosse Technology

The WS-8035U-IT-SAL is and all in one atomic clock weather station that not only tells you the correct time and date but it will also tell you various outdoor weather conditions such as temperature, humidity, pressure etc.

Atomic Clock plus Weather Station by La Crosse Technology

With the La Crosse Atomic Clock Weather Station you can remain in touch with weather conditions outside without leaving your house. It comes with an indoor and outdoor unit. The indoor unit looks like a digital clock and can be mounted either on a wall or even left on a table. The outdoor unit is to be mounted outside. The good thing about this weather station is that it is wireless and requires no wiring between the indoor and the outdoor unit. The outdoor unit transmits all the parameters to the indoor clock via radio waves. The maximum distance between the two units can be 330 feet. This can come in handy if you want to monitor the conditions of the placed which require specific temperature and pressure ranges such as a wine cellar, greenhouse etc.

The Atomic Clock Weather Station displays a variety of information including the current date and time which is automatically set and synchronized with the U.S. Atomic Clock via radio waves. You can also set your own time in this atomic clock and turn OFF the auto time/date update feature if you want but it is recommended that you let it stay ON. Besides being and atomic clock + weather station, the clock also has an alarm with snooze feature.

Atomic Clock with Weather Station Features

The indoor unit on the Atomic Clock Weather Station will also tell you current indoor as well as outdoor temperature / humidity, the outdoor barometric pressure and will also record the lowest and height temperature of the day. This weather station also show a history graph of pressure so that you get the indication of rising or falling atmospheric pressure in the last 24 hours and plan your journey accordingly.The other cool thing that I liked about this weather station is that it displays three different icons to let you know whether it is going to be cloudy, rainy or sunny. Above all it is a great little tool to have in your house. I rate this Atomic Clock Weather Station 9/10.

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