Apple Smartwatch Battery Pack Revealed

Nomad Pod

Nomad Pod

Nomad Pod is a battery pack designed for the Apple Smartwatch. It is a portable round shape device looks similar to a hockey puck. The innovating design allows it to connect in multiple ways to the watch including standard USB, USB-C and even stick the apple watch on top of it via special port. Therefore, it has easy connectivity with any kind of system including New Retina MacBook and New ChromeBook Pixel.

The Nomad Pod serves as a backup battery that has 1,800mAh capacity which is sufficient for four full charges. The design is made very compact and its charging cable easily coiled around its inside so that you can keep it with you in your pocket and can charge your Apple Watch any time anywhere.

Nomad is still not a finished product it needs to get the final dimensions of the Apple Watch Charger so that it begins production of the Nomad Pod. It is expected that it will arrive in the market by 15th June at price of $60.

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