84-Inch XBR-84X900 4K LED TV Is The First Highest Resolution Sony TV



Sony for the first time introduced its highest resolution ever edge-lit LED-based LCD TV; it is called XBR-84X900 model which comes with cinema resolution of 4K i.e. 3,840×2,160-pixel resolution.

Sony XBR-84X900 comes with passive 3D feature which is also for the first time we have seen in any Sony TV. As compare to other HDTVs of today this Sony XBR gives far more better vision for the 1080p video it just because of 4K support which are hardly found in HDTV.

After LG 84LM9600 (the 92-inch HDTV) it would be the second largest LCD TV from Sony that comes with lots of interesting hardware specs which gives you cinema like feeling in your lounge room. As far as audio is concerned it has 10 speakers of 50 Watt total output but if you have your personal sound system then you may avoid the built-in speakers.

Like other HDTVs, it comes with wireless connectivity which offers video streaming, view photos on larger screen through your camera, and similarly connects lots of other devices. Sony XBR-84X900 also comes with lots of useful apps and softwares including Media Remote™ app to control, Movies, music & apps with Sony Entertainment Network, PlayMemories Studio™ software and others.

At present Sony only revealed The price of Sony XBR 4K for European countries only which is around 25,000 euros while it will be released in US by the end of this year.

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