64 GB iPod Touch Now Selling At 13% Less

Apple iPod Touch 64GB

It has not been a long time since the launch of the 64GB iPod Touch and still we see a price drop. This new improved and loaded with more memory is now being sold at 13% less the list price of $399.99(see details). Although the previous version of 32GB was also being considered as huge for storing hours of music and videos but there are still many who think that even 64GB can be filled with tons of their new and old music files.

Apple iPod Touch 64GB
I am not a big fan of portable mp3 players but this iPod touch screen received my vote. This Apple iPod 64GB touch screen gadget can store as many as

  • 14,000 songs
  • Over 90,000 photos
  • 80 hours of video files

The iPod touch supports most of the recognized file formats so you do not have to spend extra time converting your media files. The 64GB iPod touch weighs 8 ounces with a 3.5 inch wide screen that has 480 x 320 pixel resolution. Needless to mention that it has improved battery backup time. With the iPod touch you can listed to nonstop music for 30 hours and play videos for as much as 6 hours. The processing is much faster than the older versions of the iPod touch.

The Apple iPod Touch 64GB comes with a built-in speed recognition system with the help of which you can say the songs you want to listed and it will search and play that song for you. This is a complete hands free feature provided that you use the integrated mic in its ear phone.

I will not be listing down all the features in the iPod 64GB Touch because there are tons of features that you can keep on exploring for hours. You can view the complete list of features by clicking here.


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