4 Months Playback With New Wireless HiWave Speaker

HiWave's Speaker Technology

Canadian company HiWave is going to bring a revolutionary change in the speaker technology, according to the recent reports announced by HiWave, it is going to introduce a HiWave Speaker Technology for Wireless speakers at CES 2012. The speakers will be able to deliver nonstop 145 hours of playback i.e. around 4 months period.

HiWave's Speaker Technology

This technology will definitely going to surprise everybody who are fond of music and want to get rid of frequent charging their speakers. The all science is behind the HiWave’s HIAS2001-QNC-010 amplifier chip that reportedly consumes 1/20th of the power consumed by other amplifier technologies and this module also allows the speaker to utilize same type of batteries used by other speaker modules. If you power the device with typical rechargeable NiMH AA battery (3,000mAh), then it will give you 40 hours of playback while with recharged D-sized battery (11,000mAh), the speaker will apparently provide over 145 hours of playback. You can imagine how much the new amplifier chip is effective!

So let’s for the upcoming CES 2012 to catch the show off and get to know its release details!

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