World’s Smallest Qrio Smart Lock Is Sony’s Crowd-Funding Project

Qrio Smart Lock

Qrio Smart Lock

Yet another crowdfunding project by Sony has been revealed; but this time it is presented on Makuake, Japan’s equivalent to Kickstarter. The project is named as Qrio Smart Lock, which is a door security lock for your home. The lock can be opened or closed by using the smartphone app.

Qrio Smart system

On Makuake platform, Sony has launched the Qrio project with the collaboration of World Innovation Lab. Qrio is claimed to be the World’s Smallest door lock or security device which not only let you open/close the door using mobile app but also let you share access to your home with anyone with the compatible app.

As far as the Qrio design is concerned, it is built with aluminum body, which can easily clip over your existing door handle. The device fits over the handle when the batteries get in place and the plate sticks onto the door. The smart lock utilizes four CR123A cells that can last for 1000 days.

Though devices like Qrio are already exists in the market but the design and easy to install feature makes this device unique. More importantly the price, Sony has set the price of 15,000 yen ($130) plus tax that is lesser than its rivals. Qrio has already reached its funding goal.

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