With Chromecast Stream Anything To Your TV

Chromecast HDMI dongle

Chromecast HDMI dongle

Google has just released another of its interesting product called the Chromecast. Chromecast is an HDMI dongle that hooks up to your TV and will allow you to stream videos, music and other stuff from your smartphone, tablet or notebook.

The Chromecast is claimed to be plug and play and will work with YouTube, Google Play, Netflix, Chrome browser etc. It connects with home WiFi network and does non-stop streaming to your TV without any hiccups.

The Google Chromecast is of course not HDMI powered and is powered by wall adapter through USB power cable that comes with it. Supported platforms include Android, iOS, Chrome for both Mac and Windows.

For those interested, the Google Chromecast is available for just $35 at Amazon (see details) and with such low price tag it has just thrashed ist competition.

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