Wifi Bathroom Scale – Withings Wifi Body Scale

Wifi bathroom scale - Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale

The Withings Wifi bathroom scale is for the more health conscious types and those who like to keep track of their entire body data such as weight, fat, lean mass, BMI etc. As the name suggests, it is a body composition scale with Wi-Fi option to transfer your details to other Wi-Fi enabled devices via wireless network.

Wifi bathroom scale - Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale
The Withings Wifi bathroom scale measures body weight instantly with the help of its four sensors. There is no ON / OFF button on this Wifi scale as it automatically detects weight, measures it and then automatically shuts down to save battery. It runs on 4×1.5V batteries that are included with this Withings body scale. It also displays body weight in kg, lb and stlb. It supports a maximum weight of 180 kg or 396 lbs. The least count of this bathroom scale is 100 g or simply 0.2 lbs.

The Withings body scale not only measures body weight but it also calculates and displays the following handy data:

  • Fat mass
  • Lean mass
  • Body mass index (BMI)

The Withings Wifi bathroom scale can automatically recognize up to 8 users and transmit their body composition data to a secure password protected website. Users can view their entire history of body composition such as fat mass graph so you can keep an eye of those rising trend or some spikes after late night parties. You also have the option to share your graph or your blog or any other webpage plus the Wifi scale also let you publish your weight on Twitter and that as well is done automatically.

With the Withings Wifi scale you can monitor your weight fluctuations and plan your lifestyle accordingly. The Wifi bathroom scale also comes with free iPhone application that lets you transfer your body composition data to your iPhone for you to view later.

Where To Buy ?

The Withings Wifi bathroom scale is available at Amazon (with FREE shipping) at a special discount price.

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