Wicked Audio Unleashes Empire Brands’ 3D Headphones with Innovative Design

3D headphone Wicked Audio

Well exactly ! When you read the title you get the picture and when you see the picture you get the idea what its gonna be. These new 3D series line of headphones will shortly be released by no other than Wicked Audio who has a history of introducing highly appealing headphones.

3D headphone Wicked Audio

Hopefully consumers will not have to wait long to get a hold of these new cool looking 3D stylish headphones. The new Wicked Audio 3D headphones will be showcased during Jan 2011 CES exhibition. These headphones feature maximum noise isolation, thanks to innovation design of headphones that is being followed for decades. The adjustable as well as padded earcups design allows user to listen to his/her favorite music with utmost comfort and without any interruption.

According to Wicked Audio press release, the new line of 3D headphones shown in the above phone will be me available in Jan 2011 for $29.99 only.

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