WD Elements Play – Multimedia Drive Released

WD Elements Play Multimedia Drive

If you find yourself wasting a lot of time converting downloaded movies for the DVD player then chances are you would be delighted to have one of the Western Digital WD Elements Play multimedia drives. This external hard drive itself is a media player that will directly play your downloaded media on your favorite HDTV in full HD-1080p resolution. We think this is a lot better than conventional WD USB hard drive in terms of multimedia capabilities as well as design.

WD Elements Play Multimedia Drive

The WD Elements Play multimedia drive supports both PAL and NTSC TV formats and these are available in either 1TB or 2TB storage capacity which is plenty of space for storing HD format media. These drives have composite A/V, Component A/V and USB 2.0 ports which make interfacing with HDTVs and other display devices super easy. These WD Elements Play multimedia drives come with their own remote controls which give you complete control over navigation and this also enhances your multimedia experience as if you were playing movies on a DVD or even a Blu-ray disc player.

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