Wattson – The Home Energy Monitor

Wattson is your wireless power monitor that lets you know how much power your home uses. It shows data in power (watts) and in terms of money (£/$/Euro) as well. It is a really cool looking device which can be left on table top and let it receive data directly from your home power meter.


Wattson comes with a wireless transmitter, a sensor and a wireless receiver. The senser clips easily to any phase wire coming out of the home power meter and the wire of the sensor connects to the transmitter. The transmitter then monitors the power consumption via clip sensor placed on phase wire and then transmits it to the wireless receiver placed anywhere inside your house. The Wattson wireless receiver needs to be no more than 30 meters away from the transmitter. This usually is okay for a 3 floored building.

This home power meter shows up to date and current power consumption in Watts. The moment you turn ON an electrical appliance you will see the numbers rising in your Wattson and the moment you turn OFF any electrical device, the Wattson energy meter will also reflect this change by indicating adecrease in energy consumption. You can either choose to display Watts or currency. The currency reading will indicate how much electricity bill you will be receiving if you leave your current electrical consumption at its state.

Wattson photos

The Wattson energy meter display measures only 105mm X 170mm x 55mm and is made of polycarbonate material. It supports correct energy consumption measurement up to 10 KW per phase. Up to 3 phases are supported by this power meter. Both the sensor and the Wattson receiver have easily replaceable batteries. Depending upon their refresh rates, the batteries will last for 3-6 months.

Overall Wattson is one great invention that takes power management and monitoring to domentic level without the involvement of technical personal. You can even connect the Wattson to your PC and it will show all the past history of your home power use. This will let you know at which time of the day or week your energy consumptions are the highest. All the necessary PC / Mac software and USB cables are provided with the Wattson home energy meter.

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