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Water Powered Smartphone Charger by PowerTrekk

powertrekk water powered phone charger

What you are looking at is a water powered smartphone charger by none other than PowerTrekk. For those who spend most of the time in the outdoors and far away from the grid, the water powered smartphone charger will serve well. All it needs is a tablespoon of water to start the chemical process. It can be tap water, saltwater etc. The Water smartphone charger contains non-toxic and non-corrosive chemical powder that when combined with water produces hydrogen gas which powers the fuel cells in this charger. According to sources, the PowerTrekk water powered smartphone charger can provide power equivalent to 4 x AA batteries which is enough to provide battery juice of up to 10 hours for your smartphone.

The PowerTrekk water powered smartphone charger can cost you as high as $250.


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