Volvorii Timeless Are the Smart Shoes With E-Paper To Change Design Instantaneously

Volvorii Timeles Shoes

Volvorii Timeles Shoes

Since we are living in a hi-tech society, where wearables are now becoming smarter and Volvorii Timeless Shoes are such an innovation. These are pee-toe heels shoes, designed for women fashion with advanced technology. These shoes have an E-Ink display or E-Paper that changes patterns or colors that best match with your dress.

These shoes are created by the Lithuania-based startup called iShüu Technologies, the designs are picked by the wearer through the phone app. The E-paper that needs to attach with the shoes has only monochrome colors and you have limited choice to select variations including black and white patterns, blocks, black or white. The shoes work when the Bluetooth LE module with wireless battery charging is attached at the sole of the shoe, so that you will be able to connect through the app to select the design. In addition with the design variations, you can also attach physical accessories like flowers or bows via the anchors provided at the back and top of the Volvorii Timeless Shoes.

This Volvorii Smart Shoe is Indiegogo project, which needs your perks to accomplish the project successfully and bring it to the market. Check out the video below to learn how to use these shoes.

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