VIGO is First Smart Headset That Tracks Human Alertness

VIGO headset

VIGO headset

VIGO is claimed to be the first wearable device that tracks human alertness and responds according to preset configuration. VIGO is another Kickstarter project that tracks and analyze patterns in body movements such as blinking of eyes and will nudge the user when he or she needs to take a break or even get ready for their next session.

VIGO is also a Bluetooth headset and can be paired with any Bluetooth 4.0 enabled device running iOS or Android operating system. Users will have the option to set the type of alerts such as audio, LED or vibration plus they will also be able to adjust the intensity of these alerts.

You can make or receive phone calls with VIGO and depending upon the time of the day, it will also give you recommendations such as to take a nap, jog, exercise or have a cup of coffee. Its internal battery lasts up to 2-3 days on a full charge and it if does succeed in meeting its funding goal, we can expect the VIGO smart headset to start selling at a retail price of $99 only.

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