Viewbox Is A Better Looking VR Headset For Your Android Phone

Viewbox VR Headset

Viewbox VR Headset

While Google was very nifty with its Cardboard VR headset, it seems like other are taking this quite seriously in making it better. The Viewbox is yet another virtual reality headset designed specifically on the same principles that Google used in its Cardboard headset design.

The Viewbox VR headset on the other hand can be considered as a refined and better in terms of both materials used as well as convenience to carry. The Viebox VR headset is made with neoprene which is the same material used in making scuba diving suits.

The Viewbox is easily folded and slides into your pocket or purse and yes you are not going to break the lenses inside it. The head strap makes it pretty stable on your head while the neoprene fabric is also not hard on the skin as claimed by the manufacturer.

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